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Our Puppy Litter Waitlist is Open! 
We are planning 1-2 litters for 2024-2025. We would love to chat with you if you are looking for a Healthy, Quality EMD Puppy!

Our Puppies Are raised with Puppy culture Methods & More. 

Our Dogs are Dependable Guardians & Loving Companions.

We Focus on Healthy, functional, Working Puppies.

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What Does Our Puppy Litter Foundation Include? 

 Our Estrela puppy litters are planned from health tested, working parents. We raise our litters with early neurological stimulation, livestock & environmental exposure and early foundational positive reinforcement training methods. We provide a 2 year health guarantee and lifetime support for our puppies.

Our Breeding Adults are Health-tested According to Breed Standards to Ensure Healthy Offspring

Puppies Are Whelped Indoors with Exposure to LiVestock and environments early on. 

Puppies are Raised With Puppy Culture and BAB Programs, & professionally Evaluated at 7-10 weeks old for personality and aptitude testing.

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Casa De taveras
Puppy Pricing:


Limited Registration

EMD Puppy Price: $3,500 USD. Lmtd Reg Puppies are available to working, therapy, and companion approved homes, without breeding rights.


Full Registration

Show and Breeding Pup Prospects are available to approved programs and co-ownership placements only, post health results.


Adult Rehome Placements

Adult Estrela's being rehomed are priced on a case by case basis, price will reflect their training and working ability etc.

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Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy FAQ

Choosing an Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy starts with being informed about the breed and the decisions that you're making! Here are commonly asked questions about the breed.

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Ideal Homes For Our Puppies:

Small farms and homesteads,
family companions, 
home guardians
ethical trainers

NOT Suitable For Our Puppies:

Hands off trainers,
Apartment pets,
Non-secure fencing,
Bite prospects,
BYB situations

Our dogs require a purpose, and we are dedicated to finding them homes where they are cared for and fulfilled. This could be as a herd guardian with a hands- on gentle shepherd, a family companion home with secure fence and space, as a therapy prospect etc.  Many situations can provide a life-long purpose for a Serra da Estrela to watch over and protect the people it loves. We will not be placing any dogs in unsecure or exploitive environments. We want them to be cared for, respected and most of all Loved appropriately. 

If you're a great Fit, we Can't wait to hear from you! 

cao da Serra Da Estrela dogs

Estrela Mountain
Dog Breed Preservation

What does it mean for us to be an Estrela Mountain Dog breeder focused on breed preservation?

As a preservation breeding program, we prioritize ethically maximizing genetic resources. Perfection is the enemy of Preservation. Rather than excluding dogs for minor physical flaws, we pair them strategically with complementary partners to maintain diversity in the gene pool while promoting a healthier future generation.

 Litter from Quinta Moinho das Almas

And that's why we're doing this.

We know that it's difficult to find breeders of the Serra da Estrela who properly understand the breed and are not exploiting them, or inaccurately portraying them. This is unfair to the breed. The Estrela Mountain Dog Breed has given us more then we could ever give them...

Responsible Breed Preservation is an Honor and not a Business.

Partner with us?

Our Guardian Home Puppy Program

We're currently accepting a limited number of applications for loving family homes committed to partnering with us for breed preservation. 

“Damari taught me so much about the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed!”

Doing research on a rare breed in the United States is really difficult and this mujer is like a walking Serra da Estrela encyclopedia. Learned so much! 

linda R. 

“This is a guide? It's more like a book, honestly. So helpful!”

Damari helped me set my new Livestock Guardian Puppy up for success with sound experience and a fun, relatable training method. So grateful for her support. 

Germania s. 

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to defending the purpose, temperament & health of the Estrela Mountain Dog.

Here you will find: Native Serra da Estrela lines, balanced beauty and function, health and temperament tested dogs. Our puppies are raised with us, and ready to go to work for You! 

Meet the breeder

Hey! Here at Casa de Taveras we focus on breed preservation and support.

Here, we have combined our mentor-acquired knowledge with a lifetime of personal shepherd experience partnering with rare and large guardian dog breeds.

foUNDER oF the Estrela Mountain Dog Rescue and Estrela Advocate

Our Puppies are the Right Match for you    

You care about breed preservation and the welfare of dogs...

You're tired of selfish, unethical breeding practices and...

You want your baby to be expertly cared for & socialized...


You're ready to experience the benefits of a healthy, purpose bred working dog and companion...

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We match all of our puppies to the best homes for them individually through our Puppy Application. There are no right and wrong answers, and we value your time. 

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