Building the future:

Estrela Mountain Dog Preservation Breeding. 

The essence of  our Estrela Mountain Dog Preservation Breeding Initiative is to protect and preserve the function, form and health of the Estrela Mountain Dog breed for future generations. 

Estrela Mountain Dogs, as an obscure landrace breed, face not only the genetic diseases commonly found in purebred dogs but also the risk of extinction.   

 These unique dogs face the dual challenge of preserving their genetic health while ensuring the continuation of their breed's existence for future generations.

The incidence of genetic disorders in purebred dogs has become a pressing issue, impacting their overall well-being. Dog breeds are facing shortened lifespans, declining fertility, and a concerning surge in health problems caused by single mutations. Notably, cancer, epilepsy, and other complex conditions have become more prevalent. Fixing these problems is important, and starts with retaining and replacing lost genetics.

Pursuit of Perfection is often the Enemy of  Breed Preservation

- Probably Aristotle & Definitely Damari

Our philosophy

We are focused on protecting and continuing the original collection of Estrela Mountain "dog" genes that are necessary for building dogs that are healthy and fit to do what they were bred for. 

 The key to breeding healthy generations, whether it's purebred dogs or any other kind, is to have a diverse gene pool that has all the necessary genes for good health. Take care of the genes you have and replace the ones that are lost, and you can keep enjoying healthy dogs forever.

In any breeding program, whether by chance or deliberate selection, the loss of essential genes over generations can lead to various genetic disorders and canine maladies. Understanding this, it becomes crucial to ensure the preservation and passage of all necessary "dog" genes that are essential for building healthy dogs, regardless of any modifications made to breed-specific traits. This is the fundamental principle of preservation breeding, as neglecting to protect these core genes can result in detrimental consequences.

real talk:

Estrela Mountain dogs have a very limited gene pool in the United States. 

What does it mean for us to be an Estrela Mountain Dog breeder focused on breed preservation? As a preservation breeding program, we prioritize maximizing genetic resources in an ethical manner. Rather than excluding dogs for physical flaws, we pair them strategically with complementary partners to maintain diversity in the gene pool while promoting a healthier future generation.

- Casa de Taveras

"Ciara is simply the best and I'm so grateful for all her help and guidance as I started by business."

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- gabbi, designer

Our Goals


We focus on maintaining and growing genetic diversity. 


We prioritize preserving working traits and instincts. 


We promote genetic health and minimize the risk of inherited diseases.

So what does it really mean?

This all sounds great right? But what does it really mean? How do we actually do this for the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed? And how can you help? 

The Estrela Mountain dog breed needs dedicated owners and advocates that are willing to love the breed and defend it's existence. They do not need "saved" or rescued or pitied. They need a space to love and be loved and an opportunity to prove their character. We are working with veterinarians, biologists and breed advocates from Portugal to ethically defend and continue this amazing breed. 


 The Serra da Estrela Breed possesses a remarkable, distinct, and indispensable character. In essence, they were often described as the epitome of precisely functional working and companion dogs. This functional character is our #1 Priority in our Estrela Mountain Dog preservation breeding program. A dog breed is nothing without it's character, and a true Estrela needs to display original character and instincts. 


Genetic diversity plays a pivotal role in the long-term viability and health of Estrela Mountain Dogs. A broad range of genetic variation helps to ensure resilience to diseases, adaptability to changing environments, and overall robustness within the breed. By preserving and promoting genetic diversity, we can safeguard the breed's genetic health and maintain its distinct qualities for future generations to cherish.


Health and form are vital considerations in our Estrela Mountain dog breed, as they contribute to the overall well-being and physical characteristics of the dogs. Breeding for both health and proper form ensures that dogs not only look beautiful but also have the structural soundness to live active and healthy lives. We view health-testing as a tool, and strive to match dogs with different strengths and weaknesses to improve the breed cohesively. 

How Can You Help the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed? 

Supporting a Rare dog breed does not need to be hard or life changing...

Easy Ways You Can Help Rare Dog Breeds

welcome, Estrela-friends!

Here's a quick list of ways you can help the Estrela Mountain Dog breed that doesn't involve flights to Portugal or a huge monetary donation.

Little Things matter! 

Adult Estrela Mountain Dog Adoptions

People Need Dogs, & Dogs Need You!  

At times, we come across adult Estrela Mountain Dogs who are in search of loving families for their forever homes.  

If you are considering adoption, these mature dogs offer a special bond and companionship that can truly enrich your life. These dogs are often not "Rescues" but well-mannered adult dogs that did not fit into a breeding program or had owners that could no longer care for them etc. 

Our type of people:

Understand that: perfect doesn't exist
every dog has flaws.
focused on breed longevity and diversity. 

We are not your type if you need:

zero health issues
elaborate show 
type pedigrees
flawless dogs

We aren't the breeder for you if you are looking for a perfection guarantee. It doesn't exist here. Perfection is often the enemy of preservation, and while we strive to better the breed we refuse to do this at the cost of genetic diversity. We have seen politics and intense health testing culling virtually wipe out breeds, and we will have no part of that here. While we strive to better the breed, we are doing this slowly= no genes left behind style.

If we're your Type Let's be Friends! 





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