A Legacy

The Estrela Mountain Dog or Cao da Serra da Estrela is an ancient dog breed with a legacy and function as abundant as the many names it shape shifts under:

Cao da Serra da Estrela
Estrela Mountain Dog
Dog of the Pastor
Estrela da Serra
Cao da Pastor

The true origin of the breed is shrouded in myth and folklore, with little definite history recorded. The breed has existed in the Portuguese Serra da Estrela Mountains,  before the Roman Empire Era, likely the guardians and companions of the first shepherds that inhabited the region. Since ancient times they protected their herds against wolves and predators and guarded the homes of their beloved owners.

The Estrela Mountain Dog breed is one of the oldest known Dog breeds of all time.

Saw dogs inhabited their Portuguese homeland as companions of the very first human occupants. They carry a deep and diversified genetic heritage, and the ability to adapt to modern lifestyles with charming dignity.

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Estrela Mountain dogs Excel at:


Providing Presence

The Estrela Mountain Dog is famous for
 it's intuitive wisdom and trustworthy Character.


Loving Children

Give an Estrela Mountain Dog all the little things and people. They are caring, patient, and attentive. 


Adapting to Lifestyles

The Estrela Mountain Dog Breed is an excellent family companion and is often used as a Therapy Dog. 

Your questions Answered

Estrela Mountain
Dog Faq

 Find answers to all your  "Hey Siri," Estrela Mountain Dog  questions right here in our  compilation of the most commonly googled questions about the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed. 

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Unique facts About Estrela Mountain Dogs:

The Estrela Mountain dog also known as the Cao de Serra de Estrela by the Portuguese Kennel Club was recognized by the FCI as a breed in 1966. In 1934 the first standard of the breed was drafted recognizing both the short hair and long hair variations of the breed.    

  • Estrela's come in both a short and long haired variation.
  • Estrela's are used in therapy programs.
  • Estrela's are one of the healthiest, genetically diverse giant breeds.

real Talk:

"The Serra da Estrela dog is an excellent family member, friendly with elderly and children."

The Estrela Mountain Dog is an excellent, protective dog that will defend the flock with its life just like the shepherd, but then in the family, it is a calm and quiet and respectful dog to its owner. Like all dogs, it needs socialization and commitment on the part of the owners in the way it is raised. The Serra Da Estrela is deeply like our children, it requires a lot of love, respect, and guidance. 

- Paulo, creator

Fell in Love? Thought so.

Unlike a first dating app experience, Estrela's are the non filtered, authentically real companion of our relationship dreams. And we should totally be friends so we can obsess over them together. 


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