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Estrela Mountain Dogs & Puppies.

Here you'll find authentic Estrela Mountain Dog Breed information and support. Our Estrela Mountain Dog Puppies are honored, valued and raised on an advanced puppy curriculum. We empower them to be brave, resilient and ready to do life with you! 

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The Serra da Estrela Story.

The Cao da Serra da Estrela also known as the Estrela Mountain Dog is an ancient dog breed working with integrity in a modern world. 

The character of the Serra da Estrela was shaped over the centuries by solitude, freedom, companionship and responsibility towards the shepherd and his flock. He was born in the adversity and grandeur of the mountains that gave him his name. This heritage made him the special dog that he is today. 

Available Estrela Mountain Dogs & Puppies

Discover adorable Estrela Mountain Dog puppies available for adoption. Find the perfect furry addition to your family and  give a deserving Estrela a forever home today.

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Estrela Mountain
 Dog Puppies

Our Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy Foundation Sets You Up for Success! 

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You're one click away from the guide that will help you turn you and your dog's relationship into the partnership you always wanted. 

Skin issues are a costly frustration for pets and owners. We've found proven solutions for healthy, shiny coats that won't break the bank. 

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Beautiful Estrela Mountain Dogs 

Estrela Mountain Dogs are ancient, loving, giants, unknown to most of the modern world. Here is a curated photo collection of Estrela Mountain Dogs from around the world. 


Here are commonly asked questions about our puppy program and the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed. Learn how we set our Estrela Mountain Dog Puppies up for success from Day 1! 

The essence of our Estrela Mountain Dog Preservation Breeding Initiative is to protect and preserve the function, form and health of the Estrela Mountain Dog breed for future generations. 

Partner with us?

Our Guardian Home Puppy Program

We're currently accepting a limited number of applications for loving family homes committed to partnering with us for breed preservation. 

Casa de Taveras. 

HEY! Here at Casa de Taveras we are a team that focuses on Estrela Mountain Dog breed information, preservation breeding and training support.

 Our resources are created to provide Education about the Estrela Mountain Dog and support  animal lovers everywhere with simple tools and knowledge to create working, loving dog  partnerships, and help our animals live their healthiest lives. 

Canine Coaches
Estrela Advocates

Damari was the most intuitive animal coach we've ever worked with. She's a sanity saver.

- Marcia, dog Mom

Your questions Answered

Estrela Mountain
Dog Faq

 Find answers to all your  "Hey Siri," Estrela Mountain Dog  questions right here in our  compilation of the most commonly googled questions about the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed. 

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Estrela Mountain Dog Pros and Cons

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