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Our Guardian Home Program

Our Guardian Program is an innovative approach to dog care that allows responsible individuals or families to take on the role of a "Guardian Home" for one of our  valued breeding dogs. 

Here's how the Guardian Program typically works:

At Casa de Taveras, we offer a Guardian Program to place our breeding dogs in loving family homes committed to partner with us for breed preservation. 

Our goal is to continue preserving our rare Estrela Mountain Dog breeding lines while ensuring our dogs receive the individualized family life they deserve. As a Guardian Home, you get the opportunity to care for one of our selected breeding dogs as a cherished family companion. When the dog's breeding career ends, ownership is transferred to you permanently.

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What Does Our Guardian Dog Program Look Like? 

The Guardian Program's purpose is to match one of our "pick-of-the-litter puppies" with an approved forever family while retaining the breeding rights for a designated period at Casa de Taveras. This arrangement allows the dog to live a joyful and fulfilling life with a family, while still contributing to Casa de Taveras' preservation breeding program. Through this program, both the dog, You as a guardian, and the breeding program benefit, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our guardians get to adopt the highest breeding quality puppies in our program at reduced cost

We retain the breeding rights of the puppy in order to continue breed preservation

The dog lives in its forever home for the duration of its life and is loved by its very own family

Puppy Application

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Estrela Mountain Dog Guardian Home Info

The Guardian Program allows us to maintain a successful breeding program while ensuring our dogs receive the affection and care they deserve in a family setting....

 Our aim is to continue preserving our Portuguese Estrela Mountain Dog lines while ensuring our dogs are nurtured and socialized as cherished companions. We offer several Guardian Opportunities to responsible individuals or families.

As a Guardian Home, you have the special privilege of caring for one of our selected breeding dogs in your own home. These dogs have desirable traits and health certifications, making them ideal for future litters. When you become a Guardian, the dog becomes a beloved part of your family, receiving all the care and love that a family pet should.

As a Guardian, you are responsible for the dog's day-to-day needs, training, and socialization. You get to enjoy the experience of having a high-quality dog as a companion without the initial total cost of purchasing a puppy.

During breeding periods, the dog temporarily returns to Casa de Taveras for responsible breeding purposes, and we take care of all the necessary health and veterinary requirements.

Once the breeding dog's career concludes, ownership is permanently transferred to you, and the dog continues to live happily as a family companion in your home.

The Guardian Program allows us to maintain a successful breeding program while ensuring our dogs receive the affection and care they deserve in a family setting. We believe this approach benefits both our breeding program, our Guardian homes, and our dogs. If you're interested in becoming a Guardian Home for one of our breeding dogs, feel free to reach out to us for available opportunities and program details. Together, we can continue our commitment to preserving the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed!

we love our Guardian homes and couldn't do this without their support and partnership.  

What's in it For you:


You're a Guardian Home for an amazing Estrela!  Your dog will undergo complete health screenings at no expense to you. If chosen for the breeding program, you get to share in the joy of seeing the offspring your Estrela parents, and we will provide a reimbursement for each successful breeding. And when the time comes, we will cover the spaying/neutering expenses as well.

Below we answer the most common FAQs about our Guardian Program- feel free to reach out if you think you'd be a great match! 


Casa de Taveras selects certain puppies from their breeding lines that have the potential to be excellent parents for future litters. These puppies have desirable traits, will contribute to the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed's health, and meet breeding standards.


We interview potential guardian homes and ensure that their lifestyle and location will align with our programs goals for our puppies. Our breeding potential puppies are placed in Guardian Homes located within 1-2 hour of us for female puppies and male guardian puppies can be placed anywhere if the guardian is willing to travel to a local repro vet. The Guardian Home can be a responsible individual or a family who is willing to provide a loving and nurturing environment for the dog.


 The Guardian Home is responsible for providing day-to-day care, training, and socialization to the puppy. They are expected to treat them as their own, because in fact they are! The dog lives as a cherished member of the family in the Guardian Home.


Breeding Periods: Periodically, when it's time for the  dog to contribute to the gene pool by either siring or birthing a litter, the dog will temporarily return to us for breeding and birth if it is female, or for sperm collection or mating if it is a male. Females need to whelp in our home so that we can raise the pups in our program. This ensures our responsible breeding practices and helps maintain the health of the dog, puppies, and preservation program.


 As part of our Guardian Program, we take full responsibility for all veterinary costs associated with breeding and whelping. However, as a Guardian Home Family, you will be responsible for the general routine veterinary care and overall wellness of the Guardian puppy or dog placed with you. This includes providing annual vaccines, monthly heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, as well as handling training, exercising, and socializing. 


 In the Guardian Program, we will need the female to return to us for the whelping process. We understand that this is a sacrifice for our guardian homes because this period lasts approximately 9 weeks. We begin caring for our puppies from the moment they are born, ensuring the mother receives professional care. As a result, we exclusively raise and nurture our puppies in the comfort of our home.


The number of litters a female dog has is typically limited to ensure her well-being and prevent overbreeding. Our veterinarian determines this based on the dog's age, health, and other factors to ensure she remains healthy and happy throughout her breeding career. This number could be as small as 1 litter or up to 4. We always prioritize our girl's health and will never compromise it by breeding. 


 We have opportunities for both male and female Guardian homes although the requirements for breeding do vary between male and female Guardian dogs. The majority of Guardian home opportunities near us are available for female guardians, while male guardian pups could be placed anywhere in the United States if the right home was available to match with a male breeding potential puppy. 


In our breeding program, we begin breeding our dogs after they reach 2 years of age, provided they pass all necessary health testing. The health and well-being of our breeding dogs are essential, and we ensure that they are physically and emotionally mature before considering them for breeding. Thorough health testing is conducted to ensure that our breeding dogs do not pass on any hereditary health issues to their offspring.


 Once the breeding dog's career is over and they have completed all the planned litters, ownership is permanently transferred to the Guardian Home. This transfer occurs after the breeding dog is spayed or neutered, ensuring that they can continue to live a happy and healthy life as a beloved family companion. Females often graduate a bit sooner, around 4-5 years, while a male dog might still be used at age 6-8 years. 

What's in it for you:




you get to partner in preserving the EMD breed without the breeding risks. 


We assume all reproductive breeding responsibility & costs.


Once the breeding career is over, your dog lives with you happily ever after. 



Fill out an Application

Feel free to fill out our adoption application and make a note that you want to be a guardian home. 


Compatibility Convo

We talk by phone/video and make sure it is a good fit for us both! We need to make sure we are compatible.


Ongoing Partnership

when we have a pup ready to place with you, we officially welcome you as part of our program! 

About the Boys

Male Guardian Puppies.

Our male Guardian Puppies can be placed anywhere in the United States if the family is willing to work with us and a dedicated Repro Veterinarian. Most of our Male sires live in guardian homes. Our macho men need their space! 

About the girls

Female Guardian Puppies

Our Girls really do Run Our World! And we our forever grateful to our fantastic mamas, and the homes that get to love them! To ensure our girls are nearby, we only place them in homes located within 1-2 hours of Reading, Pennsylvania.

With the  Guardian home program:


+ Love an extraordinary Estrela

+ Partner with us to preserve a breed

+ Give a foundation Dog a forever home

+ Benefit from health testing

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