October 28, 2022

Welcome to the Home of Estrela Mountain Dogs.

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Welcome to the Home of Estrela Mountain Dogs.

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Estrela Mountain Dog Breed photo of a dog outdoors in the United States
Estrela Mountain Dog with herd of sheep

It’s here! It’s time to announce this beautiful, heartfelt creation to the world. After compiling months’ worth of content, it feels surreal to type out a “first” post on this website. A blog dedicated to the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed and Home of native working Serra da Estrelas.

Here you can discover the Estrela Mountain Dog breed, along with expert breed, health, and training resources to support dog owners. We will include Livestock Guardian Dog resources and native LGD experience. We consider working livestock dogs to be a shepherd’s partner. And we do not adhere to the western hemisphere’s hands-off philosophy.

I created this online space to be the resource that I often wished I had. Here, I’ve combined my years of experience working with multiple animal species with my own experience of loving exquisite, large, and rare dog breeds. I have sourced firsthand knowledge from experienced dog lovers around the world. Including medical knowledge and advice from multiple licensed veterinarians. 

If you found us searching for homestead best practices, pet wellness questions, Estrela Mountain Dog breed information or just typing search engine questions at 2 A.M., you’ve found the right space. 

Estrela Mountain Dog Breed Information.

Interested in the Estrela Mountain Dog breed? Here is where you find answers to all your questions. The Estrela Mountain Dog Breed or Cao da Serra da Estrela is an ancient landrace dog breed, native to Portugal. These exquisite dogs carry the name of the mountains they call home, The Serra da Estrela Mountain Range. The Estrela Mountain Dog goes by many different names: Cao da Serra da Estrela, Serra da Estrela, Star Saw, Serra da Pastora, and Saw Dog to name a few.

Just like you my reader, they cannot be confined to one name or even one era. The Estrela Mountain Dog Breed adjusted and shifted through the centuries while remaining true to their origins and selves. The Serra da Estrela dogs have a trustworthy character, gentleness, and strength. They are excellent family companions, dependable guardians, and intuitive partners. I’m very excited for the Serra dogs to have their English information site here, right now. I believe it’s long overdue, my darlings.

Resources to Support Dog Owners

This space isn’t just for Estrela people, or dog owners.

  • We support owners of all diversities and we are dedicated to responsible dog ownership and breeding practices.
  • We believe all creatures are important and deserving of healthy lives and happy times.  
  • We will present info on a range of Dog Breed topics including valuable research, articles, health studies, training best practices, and advice for all dog owners.
  • We don’t believe in breed snubbing or false blanket statements. This is a dog-safe zone people, bring your poodles if you want, and we will all find the answers together.

Who Am I?

Estrela Mountain Dog Breed dog sitting in a field with a woman surrounded by a sheep herd.

By now you must be wondering who I am. Hey, I’m Damaris. I’m an IRL pastora ( shepherdess ) of dairy sheep, Creator of many projects ( I’ve never made a small project, they’re always big and messy), content writer, mother, dog advocate, and once upon a time I wanted to be a zookeeper. ( That’s a lot huh? High Fives to muchness.) The zoo itch has now been properly scratched. Somewhere in between apprenticing under exotic veterinarians and cleaning out the (overdue to be cleaned) bird cages at a wildlife rehabilitation center, I decided that was a terrible idea. (And yes snakes still give me goosebumps.)

I’ve lived on more than one continent and I’ve loved a lot of species from basically everywhere. I tended goat herds as a child and my primary goal in life was to bring home every little orphan creature I could find, with high hopes of nursing them all back to health. My mother survived having an oldest daughter, and I survived the why of most of my favorite livestock passing from disease that would later be curable. Why am I telling you this? Because I lived the challenging stuff, and I’m appreciative for the person it helped me become. Now, I use those gritty experiences to make the homestead experience of strangers on the Internet a little bit easier.

How did I end up with Estrela Mountain Dogs? They say that the dogs that are meant to find us always do. Plus they love my sheep. It’s been a symbiotic, beautiful journey with them, and I can’t imagine life without their support and presence.

Support and Love for the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed

This online space was a labor of love, encouraged, and supported by women who shared their mutual love of the ancient Cao da Serra da Estrela.

This space is my creation, yes-but IT’S MEANT TO BE OURS.

I’m very proud of this space and the resources that will be available here. Here you will find Estrela Mountain Dog breed information, health and wellness resources, training and behavior guides, holistic remedies, natural recipes, LGD resources, and pastoral insight.

An incredibly diverse group of talented people helped me create here (the love was real!) and it’s their shared talents and outpouring of knowledge that turned my scattered notes and Word docs into an artistic homage to the dogs we love.

From genetic scientists, and acclaimed veterinarians, to lifelong breed advocates, friends with adorable Facebook photos, and shepherds of the Estrela Mountain Dog breed. Thank you all so much! I’m very grateful for the immense kindness and assistance I have received. (I’m getting emotional writing this.)

Special Thanks go out to: Susana Walgode, Monika Zwesken, Teresa Gomez, Manuela Paraiso, Dr. P Philip Sponenburg, and Dr. Vasquez Almonte, DVM.

I love knowing that it is all for you, my dear readers. The next searchers asking Google, “Are Estrela Mountain Dogs Friendly?”, you’ve found the right place.

You Belong Here

So whether you are a long-time dog lover, a first-time pet owner, a reader who came to support me, or someone looking for a particular elusive answer about milking sheep, I want to celebrate you and the personal journey you are on right now.

You belong here with us in this celebration of the creatures we love and the preservation of the Estrela Mountain dog breed companions who love us more.

 Feel free to ask questions and reach out, this is a judgment-free zone. Consider this your online homestead table…and please come sit with us.

Xoxo Damaris

Want More?

Find answers to the most common questions about Estrela Mountain Dogs here and discover if an Estrela Mountain Dog is the right adoption choice for your family here.

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