November 1, 2023

Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy Temperament Testing

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Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy Temperament Testing

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Estrela mountain dog puppies in whelping box

Have you ever wondered how to pick the perfect puppy for your family? With our professional Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy Temperament Testing we are happy to help! Puppy temperament testing is the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Let’s be honest, visiting a new litter of puppies and deciding which one fits you, is basically impossible in a half-hour visit.

So, let’s dive into the world of puppy temperament testing and discover how your dog breeder can help set you and your puppy up for success!

Why is Temperament Testing Important for Estrela Mountain Dog Puppies?

Temperament testing for puppies is very important because it serves as a crucial tool in ensuring that each puppy finds the home they will thrive best in. By evaluating a puppy’s temperament, we can identify their unique traits and characteristics, allowing us to make well-informed recommendations to prospective owners. This not only enhances the chances of a successful and happy match between the puppy and their new family but also minimizes the risk of dogs being surrendered to shelters or rescue groups due to compatibility issues.

Additionally, temperament testing contributes to our responsible breeding practices by aiding in the selection of breeding pairs that produce puppies with desirable and well-balanced temperaments, ultimately promoting healthier and happier canine companions.

Using Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy Temperament Testing for the Best Puppy-Owner Match

One of the leading causes of dogs ending up in rescue groups and shelters is the mismatch between the dog and their family. Ensuring that our puppies find a home where they’ll be valued and their needs met is important to us. We firmly believe in conducting puppy evaluations as an effective way to help achieve this goal.

These assessments provide individual insights, enabling us to recommend which puppy is better suited for households with young children, active owners, or even as a service or therapy dog. This approach empowers your puppy to have a say in finding their ideal home.

Your puppy will undergo a temperament evaluation at seven weeks of age. This timing offers us a valuable snapshot of their personality. While your pup will continue to develop after joining your family, this evaluation at seven weeks allows us to glimpse the core traits they’re likely to carry throughout their lives.

What Temperament Test Do We Use?

We follow the Empowered Puppy Aptitude Test, a structured approach that exposes the puppy to various scenarios and assesses their reactions through a scorecard. This evaluation delves into aspects like their confidence level, willingness to work with humans, responses to simulated situations like someone feigning distress on the floor, and reactions to sudden movements and sounds. Each puppy is tested individually, and their families will receive their videos and scorecards.

We place great importance on the temperaments of our puppies when selecting breeding pairs. As both parents can pass down traits to their offspring, achieving a balanced personality is vital. We maintain open communication with our families, seeking feedback on our puppy’s development to gauge the success of a particular breeding pair. This valuable information, combined with the evaluation test results of the entire litter, guides our decisions regarding future litters.

Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy’s Tested Temperament Traits

When we evaluate an Estrela Mountain Dog puppy’s temperament through aptitude testing, we assess various traits to ensure they make a great companion:

  1. Confidence level
  2. Assertiveness with humans
  3. Energy level
  4. Prey drive
  5. Nerve strength & resiliency (ability to handle stress)
  6. Touch tolerance
  7. Sight sensitivity
  8. Sound sensitivity
  9. Human focus or pack drive
  10. Motivation level
  11. Stress by human emotion
  12. Friendliness to other dogs

These traits help gauge the puppy’s suitability as a pet and guide their training and socialization.

Here’s a Cliff notes view of Stable and Adjustable Dog Temperament Traits

Stable Dog Temperament TraitsAdjustable Dog Temperament Traits
energy leveltouch tolerance
assertiveness (towards humans)nerve strength/resiliency
prey drivesight sensitivity
human focus/pack drivesound sensitivity

What are Stable Temperament Traits?

These traits are ingrained in the dog’s nature and remain constant. While training can aid in managing certain aspects, such as channeling their energy or curbing behaviors like chasing (prey drive), it’s essential to acknowledge that the core personality of the dog remains unaltered.

These inherent traits encompass:

  • Assertiveness with humans
  • Motivation
  • Energy level
  • Prey drive
  • Human focus or pack drive
  • Tenderheartedness

Training can enhance how these traits are expressed but doesn’t fundamentally change who the dog is.

What are Adjustable Temperament Traits?

Adjustable temperament traits can be worked on throughout a dog’s life. Both pet owners and breeders play a significant role in shaping these traits.

These qualities include:

  • Confidence
  • Nerve strength and resiliency
  • Touch tolerance
  • Sight sensitivity
  • Sound sensitivity

Early exposure, socialization, and our Empowered puppyhood curriculum are instrumental in nurturing these qualities and empowering our puppies to believe in themselves.

Empowering your family for life by giving your puppy a voice

Our puppy evaluations, complete with scorecards and interpretations, eliminate the uncertainty in selecting the perfect puppy for your lifestyle. Recognizing that every puppy is unique, we simplify the process of finding the ideal match for both the puppy and the family.

Following these evaluations, we collaborate with families on our reservation list to weigh the strengths and considerations of each puppy. This partnership benefits both the puppy and the family, ensuring that the specific needs of both are addressed. This paves the way for a beautiful, lifelong companionship that allows our puppies to fulfill their purpose.

We are committed to ensuring that every puppy finds their perfect family, and every family finds their perfect puppy.

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