May 6, 2023

Brindle Estrela Mountain Dog: The Shepherd’s Favorite

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Brindle Estrela Mountain Dog: The Shepherd’s Favorite

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A brindle Estrela Mountain Dog is an exotic-looking dog featuring a striped appearance ranging from tiger-like to faded and barely noticeable. They are the pride of their shepherds, greatly treasured and selected for by owners who know the breed best. The stripe colors and positioning can vary depending on gene mutation, helping them blend into their native flocks and providing camouflage in the mountains. In addition, the brindle color makes these dogs look majestic and nostalgic.

In Portugal, shepherds prefer the Brindle Estrela Mountain Dog because of its natural camouflage in native sheep herds.

Their rarity and mythical appearance led to speculation, like:

  • Brindle Estrela Mountain Dogs are not pure/registered (False)
  • Brindle Estrela Mountain Dogs are extinct (False).
  • Brindle EMDs are not show quality (False)
  • Brindle Estrela Mountain Dogs are inferior (False)
  • Brindle EMDs are inappropriate family dogs/aggressive (False)

Before we get into the dog’s profile, let’s look at a few corresponding facts.

  • Brindle Estrela Mountain Dogs:
  • Brindle Estrela Mountain Dogs are a recognized and registerable color (True)
  • The brindle Serra da Estrela’s are rare but not extinct (True).
  • Brindle EMDs exist in show bloodlines and appear in conformation (True)
  • The brindle Estrela Mountain Dog is often superior in temperament (True).
  • The brindle EMD was selected by shepherds and often has the most distinctive character (True).

If you’re interested in learning why shepherds preferred brindles? Let’s get to it.

Brindle Estrela Mountain Dog: A Brief Overview

Brindle Estrela Mountain DogBreed Characteristics
AKC GroupWorking
TypeCompanion / Working / Showing
Breed SizeLarge
Height25-30 inches (Males) Tolerated: +2 cm
24-27 inches (Females)
Weight99-135 pounds (Males)
77-110 pounds (Females)
TemperamentIntelligent, Alert, Brave, Protective, Guard-dog, Athletic, Strong, Confident, Independent, Faithful, Low-energy,
Aloof, Devoted, Versatile, Territorial
AppearancePowerful, Agile, Proportioned, Strong Muzzle,  Tail with curl, Rosette Ears.
Lifespan10-13 years
Health IssuesBloat (GDV), Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia Cardiomyopathy
Coat ColorsBlack Brindle, Brindle Tan, Brindle Sable, Brindle Gray
Coat TypeThere are three types of double-coated hair coats: short, medium, & long.
Easy to TrainIt Depends. They desire to please their owner but are independent thinkers.
Exercise NeedsMedium
Child FriendlyYes
Pet FriendlyYes
Good for new ownersPossibly.

Should You Get a Brindle Estrela Mountain Dog?

“No good dog is a bad color,” Max von Stephanitz, a renowned dog breeder, says.

Brindle Estrela Mountain Dogs are incredible dogs. They possess outstanding mental and physical traits. 

However, they should not be adopted for their aesthetic appeal or rarity. It is only wise to get a puppy if you treat it like a family member and companion and raise it accordingly. 

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